Who we are?

We are the leading provider of risk management, humanitarian, social intelligence, training and operational support services to government and commercial clients throughout the world. International Organization for Diplomatic Security organization is the legacy capabilities and experience of Backwater, Centerra, AMK9, Edinburgh International, Strategic Social and all of their affiliates.

What We Do?

Risk Management

International Organization for Diplomatic Security provides Risk Management and advisory services to facilitate our clients’ business operations and supports their decision making and project-planning process.

Security / Mitigating Risk

International Organization for Diplomatic Security is the most trusted and highly experienced security providing organization for US. Government, NATO’s deployed personal, mentors, trainers and asset in

Managed Support Services

We offer managed support services that enable our clients to operate successfully in high risk environments remote locations. Some clients will use an individual support services, other will require a suite


From world’s latest Tracking software, social intelligence investigative technology to system integration and unmanned aircraft operations, IODS technology services are designed to protect critical environment.

How it Works?

International Organization for Diplomatic Security.

Our Risk Management includes:

  Investigative services
  Threat Analysis
  Crisis Management And Response
  Risk And Security Consultancy
  Security Systems And Master Planning
  Due Diligence
  Contingency Planning

Risk Management
Innovating Technology

Security / Mitigating Risk and Innovating Technology

  Fixed-Site and Mobile Protection
  High-Threat Protection
  Critical Infrastructure
  Aviation Security
  Security Assessment and Planning
  Preparing SOPS
  Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations
  Personal Security Details (PSD)
  Life Support (LSA)


IODS knows that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free, & will ensure your safety and your arrival to and from you destinations.


With past and current operations across six continents, International Organization for Diplomatic Security supports clients in a wide range, industries, NGOS, United Nations, State Department and DoD and commercial business. IODS operates in almost 20 countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Our Headquarters and US. Government Division is located in Washington DC. Alexandra.



International Organization for Diplomatic Security aims to provide customized protection and is the premier source for all of your security services needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority. All operations are conducted by professional security agents and experts investigators.

Our dear clients