What We Do?

IODS knows that every day situation relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free and will ensure your safety and your arrival to and from your destination.

Risk Management

International Organization for Diplomatic Security provides Risk Management and advisory services to facilitate our clients’ business operations and supports their decision making and project-planning process. We prepare our clients to have full knowledge of areas where they are implementing their projects and to respond to the present and potential crisis events that could jeopardize safety of their personal. IODS expert advisory teams comprise the premier thought our industry, former international heads of security companies, former diplomats, and highly trained military officers, law enforcement and intelligence professionals. Our professional personal have a full knowledge of local expertise. IODS unique services and cost effectiveness is no where compare and match able with any others.

Our Risk Management includes:

  Investigative services
  Threat Analysis
  Crisis Management And Response
  Risk And Security Consultancy
  Security Systems And Master Planning
  Due Diligence
  Contingency Planning